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Sushi Revolution is a kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi restaurant. The experience is unique and rather simple:
The items are placed onto color coded plates that come to you! You can start right away, as soon as you are seated~! All you have to do is select the dish you like off the conveyor belt, stack up your plates, and when you are ready a server will tally you up~!

Beverages and other items including anything you don�t see on the conveyor belt can be requested directly to us at anytime!

In a hurry?...
To-Go and Take-Out orders are even simpler! You can call ahead and we will get your order ready for you or customers always have the option of coming in and choosing directly off the belt. It�s convenient, quick, and easy!

Advantages of dining at Sushi Revolution:
  • Lower prices compared to traditional sushi restaurants
  • Instant gratification
  • Variety of items (over 75 different choices) with continuous new sushi offerings and combinations of innovative dishes
  • Portions are smaller for customers to try different things and expand their palates with minimal wastage
  • Fun and unique dining experience for everyone. We appeal to customers of all ages, and anywhere from beginners to experienced sushi eaters